Kilet Kiass

Unser Brot /Our bread/ Notre Pain


+237 663 10 11 48  /  +237 671 84 95 12 Kamerun/Cameroon/Cameroun / Jaunde/Yaounde Nsimalen/Nkolbikogo

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Mo-Sam(Sat)/Lun-Sam: 08:00 – 20:00 h
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Kilet Kiass

Unser Brot / Our bread / Notre pain

+237 663 10 11 48  / +237 671 84 95 12

Jaunde Nsimalen/Nkolbikogo
 08:00 – 20:00 h
Dim: réception fermée


The term “Kilet Kiass” comes from the Yangben language – called Nuasue – one of the language variants of the Jambassa language group from the Mbam area in Cameroon. The Mbam area itself is 100 kilometers from Yaoundé. “Kilet Kiass” stands for the processing of local regional agricultural products from the Mbam area into different affordable bread or fruit juice types.

Our vision and mission: As a modern bakery in the Cameroonian context, we set ourselves the goal of training and qualifying young women from disadvantaged social classes in Cameroon as professional bakers, creating jobs for them and thereby fighting poverty sustainably, opening up perspectives and noticeably improve quality of life.


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